HDSSB, Human Shield won't back anybody, Cacic for Milanovic

The Croatian Democratic Party of Slavonia and Baranja (HDSSB) and the Human Shield party did not back either of the two major coalitions for forming the new government at consultations with President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic on Thursday, while the People's Party - Reformists backed Zoran Milanovic for prime minister-designate.

HDSSB president Dragan Vulin told reporters that his party, which won two seats, was willing to be in the opposition in the new parliament. "If it will be necessary to achieve a parliamentary majority, we are willing to assume responsibility and talk. Our platform is very clear - Slavonia is waiting."

Vulin said everything was still in the hands of the Bridge party, that the situation was still unstable and that if things did not change in the days or weeks ahead, the HDSSB was willing to talk with those who had a chance to secure a parliamentary majority.

Human Shield president Ivan Sincic said he told the president that he could not support either the HDZ- or the SDP-led coalition because his party, which won only one seat, stood by the platform it had promised its voters.

"If any party or coalition in parliament proposes the measures which Human Shield advocates - revoking the foreign currency clause, the criminal prosecution of (central bank) governor Boris Vujcic, the replacement of corrupt judges and such - we will support in parliament the measures which benefit the Croatian people, whoever they come from."

People's Party - Reformists president Radimir Cacic backed Milanovic at the consultations, telling the president that a new election would be the worst option for the country at the moment. He said that if Milanovic did not manage to secure a parliamentary majority, his party was willing to back the centre-right HDZ-led government. 

Cacic, who is the only MP of his party, said "the people's democratic will shouldn't be thwarted in any way," and that it was clear that only the Bridge party would decide whether there would be a new election.

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Cacic, Vulin believe new election likeliest


Monday, December 7, 2015 - 12:30

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