Former chair of pardons commission claims Seks's statement only reason for dismissal

Davor Derencinovic, the former chairman of President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic's Pardons Commission which she dissolved on Friday, told Hina that a statement made by the president's former adviser Vladimir Seks that he had influenced the work of the commission was the only reason why the commission was dissolved.

The President on Friday adopted a decision to dissolve the commission and to relieve the commission's members of their duties, and Derencinovic claims that the only reason for this was Seks's statement.

The only reason is the statement made by Mr Seks that he had influenced the work of the commission, which compromised the commission to such an extent that its further work was highly questionable, as were the president's constitutional and legislative powers with regard to pardons, Derencinovic told Hina after the President's Office announced the decision.

Before the decision was made, each member of the commission had spoken with the President, and Derencinovic underscored that Grabar-Kitarovic did not bring into question the commission's work and that the commission's decisions would remain in force.

The President did not seek our resignations because she believes that our activities were honourable and fair and decisions made based on the facts at our disposal were correct and justified, Derencinovic said and reiterated that the only reason for the President's decision was Seks's statement.

The public considered three of the 25 pardons for economic crimes to be controversial, those being for Leon Sulic, Danko Seiter and Vanja Goldberger who had been sentenced for drug abuse and illegal possession of weapons. 

Goldberger was Vladimir Seks's adviser when Seks was parliament speaker and as a result of Goldberger's pardon, the President relieved Seks of his duty as her advisor on constitutional matters.

Seks confirmed to the media that he had been relieved at his own request because of Goldberger's pardon. He said that he had advocated the pardon even though the President considered that this was not right considering their relationship and as a result Seks stepped down.

As soon as the media began to speculate on the pardons for Sulic and Steiner, the President's Office said in a statement that they had been pardoned purely for health reasons.

Sulic was sentenced for embezzlement at the Croatia Bus company and had donated funds to the ruling Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) while Seiter was sentenced for writing off a loan to Nikola Hanzel, the largest donor to President Grabar-Kitarovic's election campaign.

Last update: Fri, 05/02/2016 - 20:35

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