Foreign-owned companies generate higher revenues, lower net income per employee

In 2015, the average revenue per employee in Croatian companies which are wholly domestically owned was nearly three times lower than the average in foreign-owned ones, but domestic companies netted nearly HRK 24,000 in income per employee, ten times more than foreign-owned ones, the Financial Agency has said.

Those findings come from an analysis based on the 2015 register of annual financial reports by 106,569 businesses, including 98,388 (89.5%) were domestically owned and 9,908 foreign-owned (9.3%).

Wholly domestically owned businesses had 686,983 employees in 2015 (81.9% of all employees), generating nearly 68.5% of all revenues (HRK 438 billion), 67.6% of all expenditures (HRK 417.1bn), and 95.2% of all consolidated profits (HRK 16.31bn).

In 2015, foreign-owned companies employed 89,112 employees (10.6% of all employees), generating 20% of all revenues (HRK 127.7 bn), 20.5% of all expenditures (HRK 126.7 bn), 14.2% of all profits, 26% of all losses, and 1.2% of all consolidated profits (HRK 213.1 million).

Revenue per employee in domestically owned companies in 2015 was HRK 637,500, while in foreign-owned ones it was HRK 1.43 million. But the net income per employee in domestic companies was HRK 23,741, while in foreign-owned ones it was HRK 2,391.

The average net monthly wage in domestically owned companies was HRK 4,603, while in foreign-owned ones it was HRK 6,875.

Last update: Sat, 25/06/2016 - 19:17

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