Foreign media on Sunday's election in Croatia

Not one party will be the absolute winner in Croatia's snap election on Sunday and the campaigning in the run-up to the vote was marked with nationalism and ideologies and ignoring problems that hold the key to saving the economy, foreign media reported on Friday.

"Whoever wins power in Sunday's (11 September) parliamentary elections in Croatia will face worsening relations with neighbouring countries, fuelled by the verbal excesses of a few political leaders," the EU observer has written.

There is no great difference between political camps regarding economic issues and no one has announced any serious reform plans, says an article entitled "Croatian election fuels regional tensions."

The main topics of the campaigning in Croatia are democratic values such as media freedom or the independence of the public television broadcaster which have been questioned because of reports of political pressure on journalists, the article says.

EUobserver says that Croatia will be faced with bartering over post-election coalitions and political instability which means that tension in the region will not ease up.

Fox News reports that it is likely that the election will not produce a clear winner.

"The early parliamentary vote on Sunday is expected to do little to end the worst political crisis in Croatia since it entered the EU in 2013, fueling fears that instability could hamper the country's efforts to catch up with the rest of the bloc,"Fox News reported.

The BBC writes that the Croatian vote is overshadowed by nationalist rhetoric ahead of the second parliamentary election in less than 12 months.

The campaign has been featured with nationalism and neighbour-bashing and memories of the Balkan Wars of the 1990s and WWII to distract attention from domestic problems, the BBC reported.

The US edition of Bloomberg writes that the snap election may fail to resolve the political crisis in the European Union’s newest member, which has derailed measures aimed at bolstering the economy’s recovery from a record recession.

Weeks of political wrangling may ensue, potentially leading to an unstable coalition or even a third general election in a year. The prolonged turmoil would make it difficult for any cabinet to address Croatia’s rising debt burden and follow through on an economic program to nurture the economy after a six-year recession wiped out more than a 10th of Gross Domestic Product.

“There’s not that much clear blue Adriatic water appearing between the two main parties,” Nomura strategist Timothy Ash said. “No one seems to be willing to talk about some of the more obvious, less popular but pressing issues which remain: pension reform and administrative reform, plus the continued need for fiscal retrenchment to further help cut high levels of public sector indebtedness.”

“For now, there is only a low probability of a complete breakdown of talks and an immediate return to the polls,” Otilia Dhand, an analyst at Teneo Intelligence in Brussels, said.

 “The main parties seek to limit the appeal of emerging alternative parties and would therefore likely opt for a grand coalition as a last resort,” Dhand said.

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