Election participants show improved financial discipline

Participants in parliamentary elections to be held on November 8 have demonstrated disciplined behaviour as regards the submission and publication of data on the financing of their election campaign, the State Election Commission (DIP) has said.

Of the 61 election participants, 53 have fully met their obligations by submitting reports on their donations and campaign costs to DIP and publishing them on their web sites and in daily newspapers, show DIP's data.

DIP notes that these indicators are much better than those for the parliamentary elections of four years ago.

Only four election participants have entirely ignored the obligation to submit and publish reports on donations and campaign costs. Those are candidates for representatives of ethnic minorities in Constituency No. 12 - independent candidate Ivan Komak (the Czech and Slovak minorities), Bari Ahmedi and Zvonko Kalanjos (candidates for representatives of 12 ethnic minorities), and three candidates of the Serb Righteous Party for representatives of the Serb minority.

Four election participants have published their reports but DIP has not received them, including one by Sandor Juhas, nominated by the Alliance of Hungarian Minority Associations for the representative of the Hungarian minority.

This does not mean that the reports will not be received, DIP officials said, adding that the reports could be submitted in person or sent by post by midnight October 31, and that some of them could arrive by the end of this week.

Those election participants found not to have met their obligations will face fines.

Last update: Wed, 04/11/2015 - 13:45


HRK 40.2 million spent in election campaign


Tuesday, February 9, 2016 - 14:28

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