Documenta condemns sport fans' behaviour in Belgrade

Croatia's Documenta Centre for Dealing with the Past condemned on Monday an incident at a Croatia-Russia futsal game in Belgrade, when Serbian supporters displayed a huge banner with a picture of Chetnik leader Momcilo Djujic.

"We condemn that situation and all similar situations," Documenta's Eugen Jakovcic told Hina, saying such incidents seriously contaminated the reconciliation process in Croatia and Serbia. He added that Documenta and the Croatian Antifascist League, founded by that NGO, responded to all revisionist processes, recalling that last year Documenta assessed as revisionist and morally and legally dubious the rehabilitation of Chetnik leader Draza Mihailovic in Serbia.

Jakovcic recalled that during the presentation of the Croatian Antifascist League in Belgrade last year, Documenta's Vesna Terselic warned that the picture of World War II was being de-constructed in Croatia, Serbia and all of Europe and being replaced with a false one which no longer focused on those who had been in the national liberation resistance but people such as Mihailovic and Milan Nedic.

In November 2014, Documenta warned about a International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia ruling to temporarily release Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Seselj for health reasons on Vukovar Remembrance Day, Jakovcic said.

Civic Committee for Human Rights president Zoran Pusic said the supporters and hooligans at the Belgrade game advocated a similar intolerance as shown by Croatian Parliament Deputy Speaker and HSP AS party president Ivan Tepes, who Pusic said recognised intolerance when he "watched it over the fence," calling it appalling, while not seeing it when it happened "in his own yard," at shameful demonstrations which turned into violence and the worst chauvinistic parade in Zagreb.

Pusic said those supporters and hooligans in Belgrade had the same mindset as the supporters in Zagreb who shouted Ustasha salutes.

Tepes wondered on his Facebook page today if Croatian Serb leader Milorad Pupovac would condemn the Belgrade incident. "He likes to respond to political messages at sporting events... or will we again see double criteria because he certainly won't characterise this as the fascistization of Serbia and the spectators as philo-fascists and philo-Nazis."

Tepes wrote that he was also interested in the responses of Pusic, Documenta, the Social Democratic Party, the Croatian People's Party, the Antifscist Fighters Alliance, and all those who, in case of Ustasha insignia, "would call extraordinary news conferences and harass the Croatian people with some sort of hunt for witches and fascists."

Momcilo Djujic was a Serbian Orthodox priest and a commander of the Chetniks, notorious for their killing and persecution of non-Serbs and for their collaboration with occupying forces during World War II.

Last update: Mon, 08/02/2016 - 22:15

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