Dobrovic accuses HDZ over scrapped waste management plan

Environment and Nature Protection Minister Slaven Dobrovic of the Bridge party on Friday accused the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) of taking the side of individual interests, at the expense of public interest, by scrapping the adoption of a waste management plan.

"After a number of weeks of looking for formal reasons to reject or stop the waste management plan, we have finally come to a situation in which a political decision had to be stated on disagreement with what the plan brings," Dobrovic told reporters after a government session.

He said the plan brought an ecological and economically more sustainable system benefiting citizens, according to which waste is not garbage but a raw material and citizens should change their behaviour, of which they are aware.

Asked what the decision on political disagreement meant, Dobrovic said one was no longer in the sphere of arguments, experts and discussions, when counter-proposals were made, but in the sphere when that was rejected. "We have a situation in which it is now evident that a big political party has sided with individual interests, at the expense of the general public interest."

He said there were two basic reasons why the caretaker government should have adopted the plan. "One is that proceedings for breach of rights have been instigated against Croatia, and the other is that this scrapping jeopardises the drawing of substantial funds from European programmes."

Dobrovic said Croatia would now be at a standstill for months. "We no longer have the money for that, and we needn't have it because European money is available. However, now all that is in question."

Responding to questions, he said the HDZ was against adopting the plan. Asked in whose interest that was, he said individual interests had prevailed. He said big and expensive waste management centres were being built which Croatia did not need, and that simpler facilities could have been built, with Croatian companies providing the equipment. 

Dobrovic said all the technical requirements had been met and that all relevant ministries and bodies had given positive opinions on the plan.

Last update: Fri, 19/08/2016 - 13:53

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