Daul proud Plenkovic won election without populist rhetoric

President of the European People's Party (EPP) Joseph Daul on Thursday said that he hoped Andrej Plenkovic would attend the next EPP summit scheduled for mid-October as a prime minister, adding that he was proud of him because he had won Croatia's parliamentary election without having to use populist rhetoric.

I'm glad to have received my friend Andrej Plenkovic today. I congratulated him on an excellent campaign and expressed the wish that will come to our next summit as prime minister, Daul said after receiving Plenkovic, president of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) party, in EPP headquarters.

Plenkovic was accompanied by his party colleagues, MEPs Dubravka Suica and Davor Stier.

Daul added that the was proud of Plenkovic, a politician who won Croatia's parliamentary election without having to use populist rhetoric.

Daul said that the EPP and he personally had helped Plenkovic and the HDZ  to win the election and that now it was up to those responsible to organise the government and the country the way they think it should be.

It is not up to Brussels to say who should be minister, that responsibility is in the remit of the next prime minister, Daul said.

Plenkovic underlined that he had come to thank Daul for the support he and other EPP colleagues gave the HDZ on the eve of the parliamentary election.

"We value that worthy support. We showed that elections can be won by focusing on key topics, the economy, jobs, competitiveness, demography, legal security, social justice, and all that in a European context. That is certainly an encouragement also for other parties in our European family during their election cycles," Plenkovic said.

Asked what his opinion was regarding the admission of the Serbian Progressive Party to the EPP, Plenkovic said that that had not been discussed. "We will consider a report prepared by the task force, we will look at all the aspects and then our delegation will make its decision," Plenkovic said.

Last update: Thu, 29/09/2016 - 16:24

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