Croatian Youth Network urges systematic youth employment measures, says will hold protest march

The Croatian Youth Network (MMH) on Friday held a news conference on the occasion of International Youth Day, calling on political parties and state institutions to start more seriously and systematically dealing with problems encountered by young people in the labour market. They also announced a march of young and unemployed people for October.

MMH members warned about the restriction of labour rights encountered by young people entering the labour market, calling for discussions on student, temporary and seasonal work as well as violations of the rights of some of the most vulnerable social groups.

They said that they had, in cooperation with experts, drawn up draft proposals for changes to active employment policy measures to make them available to all.

MMH representatives said they and their partners would organise a number of activities in September to open discussions on that topic.

"We will hold a protest march that will bring together young unemployed people as well as those who feel that their jobs are rendering them without any rights and prospects," they said.

Sven Janovski said that on-the-job training for young people without their being given a work contract was being depicted as a magic wand "that will help solve key problems of the Croatian labour market."

"The existing measures can be significantly improved. For example, on-the-job training can be supported with a better system of mentorship and on-the-job training. Target user quotas should be introduced in each county to see to it that the measure is accessible in a more just way and that its duration is adjusted to the real duration of training for a specific profession," said Janovski.

MMH representatives also called for a radical turnaround in the way active employment policies have been pursued.

"We have been witnessing absurd situations for years, regardless of the government make-up. Measures are cancelled abruptly, terms of using a specific measure are changed without prior announcement, there are no consultations with potential users, and shortcomings in the implementation of those measures are denied," they said, among other things.

Last update: Fri, 12/08/2016 - 17:27

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