Croatia won't accept "inappropriate" protest notes from Serbia

Croatia will not accept "inappropriate" diplomatic notes from Serbia which instead of sending "unproductive" notes should be concerned with the europeanisation of its society, the Croatian Foreign and European Affairs Ministry (MVEP) said on Monday following the latest protest notes from Belgrade.

The Serbian government on Monday sent a protest note to Zagreb following the annulment of a conviction of Branimir Glavas for war crimes committed against Serb civilians in Osijek in 1991, as well as a note protesting the unveiling of a monument to Miro Baresic, a Croatian emigrant convicted in 1971 for the murder of the Yugoslav ambassador to Sweden, Vladimir Rolovic.

Belgrade has qualified the Supreme Court's decision to overturn the verdict against Glavas as being "directed against the Serb people," while at the same time demanding that Croatia distance itself from "glorifying a convicted terrorist" and remove the monument raised in honour of Baresic in his home town of Drage.

Croatia's Charge D'Affaires to Belgrade Stjepan Glas refused to accept the two protest notes, but the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that they "were delivered in the regular manner, whereby the formal procedure was completed."

MVEP will no longer accept such unacceptable and inappropriate verbal notes, the ministry told Hina. Croatia will not allow meddling in its internal affiars and will not lower itself to that level of communication, it added.

A war of protest notes between Zagreb and Belgrade started recently after the annulment of a conviction of Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac who was convicted in 1946 by the communist authorities for collaboration with the Ustasha regime in the  WWII Independent State of Croatia (NDH).

Belgrade interpreted that move as the rehabilitation of fascism and the NDH, while Zagreb called on the Serbian authorities "not to use the language of the failed Yugoslav communist system and aggressive Greater Serbia policies from the 1990s."

Last update: Mon, 01/08/2016 - 19:26

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