Croatia insufficiently ready for refugee integration, associations say

A refugee integration coordinating body said on Monday that Croatia was not sufficiently ready for refugee integration and that education was the key and prerequisite to its success.

On the occasion of World Refugee Day, which is observed on June 20, the coordinating body organised a press conference outside the Porin refugee reception centre in Zagreb, launching "Education as a key to integration", an event to be held in Zagreb, Split and Kutina on June 13-26.

The coordinating body invited citizens to attend the event to learn refugees' stories, support them and discuss integration and other aspects regarding refugees.

Emina Buzinkic of the Centre for Peace Studies and the Welcome Initiative said institutions had a big responsibility, but that they were poorly coordinated and that the current political crisis in Croatia additionally hampered the integration policy.

She said institutions should be more open and pro-active, and that if the decision on quotas at European Union level fell through, Turkey would be faced with more refugees, resulting in new refugee flows.

Martina Carija of the Psychological Help Society underlined the importance of providing refugees with psychological and social help, including translators, teachers and medical staff.

Croatia is expected to receive about 50 refugees by mid-July. According to the coordinating body, so far refugees have not shown interest in staying in Croatia.

Last update: Mon, 13/06/2016 - 15:20

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