Croatia Can Do Better initiative says education minister must step down

None of the reforms launched by the Science, Education and Sports Ministry has been fully implemented, they have only burdened the education system and Minister Predrag Sustar should step down if he is not ready to implement the curricular reform in line with demands that have been supported by 50,000 citizens, the Croatia Can Do Better initiative said in a statement on Thursday.  

Sustar recently said that the curricular reform would continue under the auspices of the Science, Education and Sports Ministry and confirmed that he would accept resignations tendered by the national expert team in charge of the curricular reform because he did not want the process to be personalised.

The Croatia Can Do Better initiative said Sustar's plan to put the reform under the auspices of his ministry was in direct contravention of the Education, Science and Technology Strategy under which the task of conducting the integral curricular reform was entrusted to the national expert team led by Boris Jokic.

It called on Sustar to step down, noting that citizens wanted the parliament to adopt conclusions supporting the reform, the expert team and the reform model.

"Defend our right to 21st century education. Reject conclusions of the parliament's Committee on Education," the initiative said, calling for the adoption of a resolution on education that would be binding on the incumbent government as well as all the future governments.

It accused Sustar of having politicised the process of devising the integral curricular reform, saying that it had resulted in Jokic and his team's resignations and a delay in the expert debate on the reform and brought into question the experimental implementation of the curricular reform in the school year 2016/2017.

The minister's ignoring the implementation of the Science, Education and Technology Strategy jeopardises the withdrawal of EUR 511 million from the European Social Fund in the 2016-2020 period intended for the reform and development of education, science and technology, the initiative said, among other things.

Last update: Thu, 09/06/2016 - 13:46

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