Court rejects USKOK appeal, Zdravko Mamic to be released on bail

A Zagreb County Court panel of judges on Friday turned down an appeal by the USKOK anti-fraud agency and confirmed that Dinamo football club executive director Zdravko Mamic can be released from custody after a lien is placed on a property and bail of more than HRK 6.3 million in cash is posted.

Under the latest proposal accepted by judge Erna Drazancic, Mamic will be released after a lien is placed on a house estimated at HRK 7.63 million and the remainder of the HRK 14 million bail is paid in cash.

While out of custody, Mamic must comply with measures imposed by the court, including a ban on any contact with witnesses.

Apart from Mamic, also in custody is businessman Igor Krota, the only suspect in the case who has not posted any bail.

Mamic's son Mario was released from custody on Thursday after posting HRK 5 million bail. Businessman Sandro Stipancic, who is still in custody, may also be released if a HRK 4 million lien is placed on a property.

The fifth suspect in the case, Croatian Football Federation executive president Damir Vrbanovic, has been out of custody since the start of the investigation.

Zdravko and Mario Mamic, businessmen Stipancic and Krota and Vrbanovic are suspected of having siphoned more than 10 million euros and 500,000 pounds sterling from Dinamo through off-shore companies since 2004. USKOK alleges that Mario Mamic, Stipancic and Krota were in charge of those operations.

USKOK claims that the suspects made fictitious agreements and contracts between Dinamo and companies from Switzerland, Great Britain and Hong Kong on the takeover of Dinamo's fictitious debts to players and on fictitious brokering services in player transfers, which were signed on Dinamo's behalf by Zdravko Mamic and Vrbanovic.

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