Consultations in President's Office on PM designate start Thursday

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic on Thursday afternoon is expected to receive the leaders of parliamentary parties elected to the 8th parliament for consultations on appointing prime minister designate.

The consultations in the President's Office start after the final official results of the November 8 parliamentary elections were announced on Tuesday, however at this moment nobody is likely to present the president with the signatures of support of the majority in parliament.

According to available information, Social Democratic Party (SDP) chief and leader of the Croatia Is Growing coalition Zoran Milanovic has the support of 67 deputies. The SDP coalition won 56 seats and gained the support of seven of the eight minority deputies in parliament, as well as the support of three Istrian Democratic Party (IDS) deputies and one deputy of the Reformist Party. 

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) chief and leader of the Patriotic Coalition Tomislav Karamarko is expected to arrive in the president's office with at least 59 signatures of support, which is the number of seats his coalition won at the Nov 8 election.

In order to gain a majority in parliament, both coalitions need the the support of the Bridge party which has won a total of 19 seats. In the meantime, one of Bridge's candidates Drago Prgomet was ousted from the party over his secret meeting with Milanovic. Prgomet former his own party called HRID.

The IDS is the first one scheduled to arrive in the President's Office, at 1345 hours, followed by ethnic minority deputies, the Zivi Zid party and Reformists. The HDSSB regional party is scheduled to arrive at 1600 hours. Bridge is scheduled for 1730 hours, Milanovic's coalition at 1800 hours and Karamarko's coalition at 1845.

After the consultations the president is expected to address the press.

Last update: Thu, 26/11/2015 - 12:21

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