Bridge MP calls on conflict of interest commission to look into gov't members, MPs to see if they cooperate with MOL

MP Miro Bulj of the Bridge party on Tuesday called on the Conflict of Interest Commission to look into all parliamentary deputies, the prime minister, ministers and deputy prime ministers and see if they had developed any kind of cooperation with MOL consultant Josip Petrovic or directly with the Hungarian oil company MOL and if there were any conflicts of interest in the signing of contracts.

Bulj wrote on his Facebook wall about ten days ago that he had asked Petrovic to say whether his company or MOL, or companies owned by MOL, were doing business with companies owned by Croatian politicians or members of their immediate families. Given that he had not received an answer, Bulj called a news conference in the southern Croatian town of Sinj on Tuesday and publicly called on the Conflict of Interest Commission to look into the matter.

"I call on the Conflict of Interest Commission to look into the prime minister, deputy prime minister (Tomislav) Karamarko and (Bozo) Petrov, the ministers of the economy and enterprise and all other ministers and MPS, and check if they are engaged in any form of cooperation with MOL's consultants or MOL which took our INA in a hostile takeover. Our politicians allowed something worth US$100 billion to be sold at a bargain price. It is not known whether any payments were actually made," Bulj said.

He called on the commission, the Chief State Prosecutor's Office and the anti-corruption agency USKOK to do their job. "Bridge will protect Croatia's interests and won't allow Croatia's property to be sold out," he added.

Reporters asked him if he was referring to contracts published by the Nacional weekly. Nacional published a contract between Petrovic's company, Peritus Savjetovanje, and the Drimia company, owned by First Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karmarko's wife Ana Saric, which indicates that Drimia received 2,500 euros per month in the period from 1 February 2013 to 31 January 2015 to monitor the situation on the energy market for Petrovic.

Bulj said he had not seen the article, adding that the purpose of the Conflict of Interest Commission was to investigate such allegations. "You cannot be part of the government or parliament and at the same time serve as a consultant for a company involved in a hostile takeover of INA," Bulj stressed.

Asked if this government would last or if early election would be called, Bulj said whatever would be would be, adding that he would defend the interests of Dalmatia and Sinj, regardless of early elections.

Last update: Thu, 23/06/2016 - 15:40

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