Bridge leader: We're not for large-scale salary cuts

Ivan Lovrinovic, a leader of the Bridge coalition of independent slates and elected member of Parliament, on Wednesday dismissed reports that Bridge was in favour of large-scale wage cuts and said that such an austerity policy had not saved anyone or solved problems in any country. 

"We will introduce a new system of public sector management based on the model of Scandinavian countries, where it will be known who is responsible for what and for what they will get a good pay," Lovrinovic said in an interview with RTL television.

He said that there had been no concrete talks about the Croatian National Bank (HNB), adding that regarding the position of HNB governor, "Bridge is not running away from anything."

Lovrinovic said the matter would be discussed next week. "We want to make changes where they can be made, by qualified and competent people," Lovrinovic said, adding that he would assume responsibility where necessary and find non-party candidates.

He recalled that he had followed the HNB for 15 years, being an expert on macroeconomy, monetary policy and finance. "I have followed (the HNB's) work, criticised it for ten years and my positions have remained more or less the same," he said, adding that Bridge had promised in the election campaign that it would implement a monetary reform.

The HNB, as the supreme monetary authority defining monetary policy, has shown to have significant weaknesses and shortcomings, which is the reason why the economy had remained in the recession for a long time, said Lovrinovic.

He therefore believes that "a certain number of things have to change."

Lovrinovic said that Bridge members were not greedy and that of a total of 20 ministries they wanted to head 6-7 ministries because that reflected the number of parliamentary seats won by Bridge.

We are willing to have salaries of members of Parliament cut, he said, adding that those cuts would not be populist.

It's much more important to us what people do and we will propose that members of Parliament who do not attend parliamentary sessions are penalised with a 50% salary cut, he said.

Last update: Wed, 30/12/2015 - 22:34

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