Avar cemetery fund in east Croatia

The ruins of a cemetery of Panonian Avars from the 8th century were found during an archaeological excavation in Sarengrad, near the easternmost Croatian town of Ilok, the head of the excavation team, Marko Dizdar recently said.

Pannonian Avars, also known as the Obri (in Ruthenian chronicles), are a group of Eurasian nomads of unknown origins during the early Middle Ages.

The finds include 30 graves with rich artefacts. Dizdar said.

What is important are the finds of animal bones in the graves and other evidence of complex funeral ritual, the archaeologist said.

He said that the finds indicate that this could be the largest Avar cemetery unearthed in Croatia's Danube basin.

Some of Avar necropolises were already discovered in Nustar, Stari Jankovci and Privlaka, a wider Vinkovci area.

Last update: Sun, 24/07/2016 - 19:26

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