Analysts: Oreskovic drives last nail in govt's coffin

Political analysts said on Friday that by calling on his two deputies to stand down, Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic had driven the last nail in the government's coffin, noting that the government could not survive without the political support of the parliamentary majority and that by asking his deputies to resign, Oreskovic had lost that majority support.

The prime minster's call practically means that the government has fallen and that he wishes to at least partly save face and not participate in the political and moral dilemma and probably wants to position himself as someone who might seek the confidence of citizens directly in elections, analyst Ivan Rimac said.

Asked whether the deputy prime ministers should step down, Rimac said that that would not make any difference as the two were hardly collaborating with one another or with the prime minister and that even if the government survived, it would be practically non-functional and it would be only a matter of time when it would fall.

That could happen even before the parliament takes a vote of no confidence in Karamarko, which would be in his favour because the parliament would not vote on confidence in him or on his actions, said Rimac.

Asked whether the Conflict of Interest Commission's decision on conflict of interest allegations against Karamarko would make a difference, Rimac said that the Commission did not decide about citizens' confidence in any politician but about the legal aspects of obtaining unlawful gain. In this case, the sale of national interests to someone is not directly an unlawful gain unless it is proven that they obtained financial gain. Favouring someone does not necessarily mean that the Commission will define this as a conflict of interest in the strict sense, Rimac said.

Zarko Puhovski said that the prime minister had finally realised that he was not the prime minister because if he was, he would replace those ministers who were not to his liking, yet he didn't do that because he knew that he depended on them more than they depended on him.

Puhovski believes that Karamarko and perhaps Petrov will refuse to leave because they do not have anyone in their ranks to replace them.

Political scientist Andjelko Milardovic believes that the political crisis is at its peak and that the prime minister has asked a logical question of his deputies who have shown that the government cannot function as a team due to mutual antagonisms and that was put to them for the purpose of clearing up the situation.

That question needs to be taken seriously and they need to ask themselves if they consider themselves more important than the functioning of the republic and democracy, he said.

I think that 4.2 million people and their survival are far more important than the tension and antagonism between two people and they should be serving us and not vice versa, said Milardovic.

Last update: Tue, 28/06/2016 - 17:51

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