49 pct of Croatians spend EUR 1.32b on multi-day trips in 2014

In 2014, 49 percent of Croatian citizens older than 15, or 1.8 million of them, went on at least one private trip lasting several days, spending nearly HRK 10 billion in total, the national statistical office has said, citing the findings of a survey on the tourism activity of Croatia's population last year.

Croatian citizens generated 6.6 million private trips last year, of which 4.6 million in Croatia and the rest abroad, mainly in Bosnia and Herzegovina (23.2%), followed by Austria (12.6%), Slovenia (12.5%), Italy (9%) and Germany (7.7%).

The most frequent reason for trips lasting several days was visiting relatives and friends (39.2%), followed by seaside vacations (19%) and city breaks (10.2%).

Croatians generated 37.4 million bed/nights on private multi-day trips, of which 24.6 million in Croatia and nearly 13 million abroad. The average duration of a trip was 6.3 nights abroad and 5.3 in Croatia.

They spent HRK 9.9 billion on such trips, of which HRK 4.2 billion in Croatia and HRK 5.6 billion abroad.

Also, 10.2% of Croatians older than 15, or 371,000 was on at least one multi-day business trip last year. There were 1.5 million business trips in 2014, of which 787,000 in Croatia and 737,000 abroad, mainly to Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Austria.

Spending on business trips totalled HRK 4.6 billion, of which HRK 1.1 billion on those in Croatia and HRK 3.5 billion abroad.

In 2014, Croatians aged 15 and older also made 13 million day-long trips, of which 11.3 million were private and 1.7 million were business ones.


(EUR 1 = HRK 7.6)

Last update: Sun, 29/11/2015 - 19:32


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