Proportion of bad loans at end-September at 17.05%

The proportion of non-performing loans in Croatia reached 17.05 per cent at the end of September, the latest figures from the Croatian National Bank (HNB) show.

Partly recoverable and completely irrecoverable loans accounted for HRK 47.6 billion out of the total of HRK 279.2 billion in loans. Compared with the previous quarter, the proportion of bad loans was reduced by 0.29 percentage points, while compared with the end of 2014 it was reduced only marginally, by 0.01 percentage point.

At the end of September the share of non-performing loans in household loans was 12.1 per cent, while their share in corporate loans was 31.08 per cent. Of HRK 103.2 billion in loans granted to the corporate sector, collection of HRK 32.07 billion was questionable. Household loans totalled HRK 56.3 billion, of which collection of 9.35 per cent or HRK 5.26 billion was questionable.

Figures on the quality of loans broken down by currency showed an above average risk of collecting payments for loans denominated in the Swiss franc and loans denominated in the kuna without a foreign currency clause.

Of HRK 23.6 billion in loans pegged to the Swiss franc, bad loans accounted for 19.68 per cent or HRK 4.65 billion. Most of these loans, as many as 70.4 per cent, were corporate loans. At the end of September companies had HRK 1.3 billion in CHF-indexed loans and collection of HRK 921.5 million was uncertain. Households had HRK 22.02 billion in CHF-denominated loans, of which 16.57 per cent or HRK 3.65 billion was categorised as partly recoverable and completely irrecoverable.

The proportion of bad loans among loans approved in the domestic currency without a foreign currency clause was 18.29 per cent. Out of the total of HRK 78.5 billion loans in kuna, HRK 14.3 billion was partly recoverable or completely irrecoverable.

Most of the loans were tied to the euro. Such loans totalled HRK 174.1 billion, of which collection of HRK 27.7 billion or 15.91 per cent was questionable.

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