Podravka CEO says rumours about sale of state-owned shares not affecting business operations

Podravka Management Board president Zvonimir Mrsic said on Wednesday that rumours about the sale of the state-owned stake in the Koprivnica-based food concern "are in no way affecting business activities", underscoring that the primary objective of the Management Board was to achieve long-term sustainable growth and profitability.

"The Management Board is not discussing the sale, nor can it influence shareholders to keep or sell their shares. Shareholders are independently managing their stocks and the Management Board is in charge of running the company, protecting its interests and presenting business results as transparently as possible so that shareholders can decide whether to keep, sell or buy more shares," Mrsic told the press on the fringes of the Croatian-Turkish Economic Forum, organised by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

Mrsic stressed it was the job of the Management Board to make the company attractive enough to current and future investors. He recalled that Podravka wrapped up last business year with the best results in the past 25 years and that the financial statement for this year's first quarter would be released in several days.

Podravka said on Tuesday that due to the announcement of possible sale of the state-owned shares, the Management Board and the Supervisory Council had not yet decided to call the annual shareholders meeting at which, among other things, a decision on the payment of the first dividend in ten years should be adopted.

Podravka wrapped up 2015 with profits amounting to nearly HRK 157 million, of which 57 million is expected to cover losses carried over and 5 million should go to statutory reserves.

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Podravka Group posts net profit of HRK 142.2 mn


Tuesday, October 25, 2016 - 15:20

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