Pliva opens new multipurpose synthesis plant

The Pliva pharmaceutical company on Friday opened a multi-purpose synthesis plant worth half a billion kuna in its production units in Novi Marof, north of Zagreb, in the presence of Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic.

Opening the plant, which will double Pliva's production capacity in some segments, Oreskovic said that since 2011 the company had made investments worth around HRK 1.3 billion.

"We can see that Croatia today can be competitive not only on the regional level but in Europe and beyond. Pliva does not invest only in state-of-the-art technology but in research, people, education. Pliva is one of the biggest Croatian exporters and as far as I know, new investments are about to be made," Oreskovic said, adding that Pliva and Teva, its owner, always observed delivery deadlines, which was appreciated by clients from all over the world.

Oreskovic went on to say that new investments were expected in other sectors as well.

Maybe they will not be as big as Pliva's, but 40-50 million worth of investments is also welcome, he said.

"I believe other investors will start arriving in Croatia when they hear that we have this kind of technology," Oreskovic said, declining to answer political questions, namely to assess the first 100 days of his government's term.

Pliva CEO Mihael Furjan said that more than 95% of products to be manufactured in the new, multi-purpose synthesis plant would be exported.

The new plant will produce about 20 active substances for medicines.

"In the last four-five years Pliva has invested more than a billion kuna in Croatia. We are glad that the new plant will result in new jobs and an increase in exports. We have in our portfolio more than 1,000 medicines, Pliva is Croatia's second biggest exporter and the biggest net exporter," Furjan said, adding that the company was also the biggest employer in the country's pharmaceutical industry.

Last update: Tue, 28/06/2016 - 17:51

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