Nearly 5,000 new cars sold in April

A total of 4,924 new cars were sold in Croatia in April 2016, which was an increase of 19.5% or 805 vehicles compared with March 2016 and of 31.4% or 1,178 vehicles compared with April 2015, the Promocija Plus marketing agency says citing police data on vehicle registrations.

Car sales continued to increase in April after 2,427 new vehicles were sold in January, 2,583 in February and 4,119 in March. In the first four months of this year 14,053 new vehicles were registered, an increase of 18.6% or 2,203 vehicles compared with the same period in 2015.

In the January-April period the best-selling make was Volkswagen with 2,000 cars sold and a market share of 14.2%. It was followed by Opel (1,362 cars; 9.7% market share), Skoda (1,186; 8.4%) and Ford (1,053; 7.5%). The top 10 makes also included Renault, Suzuki, Peugeot, Hyundai and Toyota.

The most popular models were the Volkswagen Golf, with 776 vehicles sold in the four months of 2016, followed by the Skoda Octavia (677), Opel Astra (642), Ford Focus (621) and Suzuki Vitara (490).

Diesel-powered vehicles accounted for 61% of the new vehicles sold. Petrol cars accounted for 37%, hybrids 1%, gas-powered vehicles 0.8% and electric cars 0.2%.

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