Serbian Army Chief of Staff doesn't see Croatia's armament plans as threat

It is the right of every country to equip its armed forces in accordance with its own assessments and objectives, the Serbian Army Chief of Staff, General Ljubisa Dikovic, said on Sunday, adding that he did not perceive Croatia's plans to procure ballistic missiles as a threat and saying that Serbia too was developing arms by which it could attack another country.

In an interview with Radio Television Serbia, General Dikovic said. "There, we are also getting armed. We too are developing funds and systems of high range, so someone can say that Serbia is getting arms to jeopardise the security of another country in the region, when in fact this is not the case. Serbia today does not pose a threat to any country and this is how I interpret Croatia's plans to procure arms."

Dikovic said that Serbia must develop systems by which it can carry out an attack on territories of other countries which could potentially threaten Serbia's security.

Unlike the Serbian Army first officer, the country's top political officials reacted with nervousness to the announcements from Croatia.

Serbian Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said earlier on Sunday that Serbia would not allow to be humiliated or that its citizens feel threatened because someone in the region is procuring arms. "When someone thinks that procuring missiles is a sign of friendship and when they are telling us not to be nervous about it, they are trying to humiliate Serbia. Neither Prime Minister (Aleksandar) Vucic nor the Serbian government will allow the humiliation of our country and we will not allow that our citizens feel threatened because someone in the region is procuring arms," Stefanovic said commenting on Croatian Minister Kotromanovic's statement about procuring US launchers and ballistic missiles. 

General Dikovic announced the modernisation of Serbian Armed Forces which includes the procurement of two multi-purpose helicopters, a "Nora" self-propelled howitzer, an armoured  fighting vehicle "Lazar"

Last update: Sun, 10/01/2016 - 19:50

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