Outrage as tear gas used against senior citizens in Athens demo

Police in Athens used tear gas against a group of demonstrating senior citizens on Monday in Athens, triggering outrage in the media and from Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, according to reports from the local Skai broadcaster.

Nikos Toskas, the country's minister for public security, took responsibility for the incident, which occurred after around 600 retirees marched through Athens peacefully against pension reductions and tax rises.

Things took a rowdier turn when police blocked the marchers approach to the prime minister's residence in central Athens. Tear gas was used when some of the protesters began to jostle a police bus.

Skai, quoting government sources, said Tsipras was "extremely angry" at the use of tear gas, saying that such a thing should never be repeated.

The public security ministry shortly after announced that the use of tear gas in demonstrations of workers and pensioners in the future would be forbidden.

Meanwhile, workers for the civil aviation authority YPA announced they will strike from Tuesday to Saturday this week. Greek airline Olympic Air as a result announced the cancellation of a number of domestic flights.

Last update: Mon, 03/10/2016 - 18:53

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