News from Brussels on blocking Serbia's negotiations makes headlines in all Serbian media

The news from Brussels that the European Union still hasn't reached agreement to open Chapter 23 in Serbia's membership negotiations was the breaking news on Monday in all Serbian electronic media and Internet portals.

"The ramp is still down: Croats and Brits blocking Serbia," "Croatia and Britain block opening of Chapter 23," "The consequence of Brexit and Croatia's blockade: EU still without agreement for opening chapter with Serbia," "EU today too without agreement to open Chapter 23" - are just some of the headlines following the news from Brussels that EU member states have not yet reached agreement to open Chapter 23 for Serbia.

"As announced, this has once again been prevented by Croatia and Great Britain," B92 claims, citing on a report by the Beta news agency located in Brussels.

"EU member states still have not reached an agreement to open Chapter 23 in Serbia's accession negotiations because Croatia and Great Britain have not given the green light for this to happen on 30 June," Radio-Television Serbia (RTS) reported.

Officials in the Council of the Europe Union confirmed that Croatia has not done so for substantial reasons, and Great Britain for technical reasons in light of the referendum on leaving the EU, the Beta agency reported following a meeting of the Working Party on Enlargement and Countries Negotiating Accession to the EU (COELA).

Some, albeit uncertain, chances still exist for new chapters to be opened for Serbia, officials in the Council explained, adding that Croatia has not backed down from its objection to Serbia's regional jurisdiction for war crimes and its demands for greater rights for the Croat minority in Serbia.

If vital consensus, which is technically possible, is not reached by the end of June, opening Chapters 23 and 24 in Serbia's negotiations would be postponed for July or September this year, Belgrade media reported.

Last update: Mon, 27/06/2016 - 18:21

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