Inzko says announcement of Bosnia's dissolution empty threats

The international community's High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Valentin Inzko has described as "an empty threat" the announcement of the dissolution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, alluding to Bosnian Serb entity president Milorad Dodik's statements, and added that the international community had mechanisms to ensure the respect of the Dayton Accord.

"Dissolution of the country is an empty threat made by politicians seeking to divert public attention from the social and economic realities facing the citizens of this country on a daily basis," Inzko said in an interview with the Oslobodjenje daily which hit the newsstands on Tuesday.

"Voters want stability and growth. Yet all too frequently all they are being offered is protection from an enemy that in reality does not exist. Artificially created crises are precisely that – artificially created crisis. I think more and more voters are starting to see this. The old way of doing politics must change and it must change quickly," said the Austrian diplomat.

Commenting on the decision by the Bosnian Serb entity about holding a referendum about 9 January as Republika Srpska Day, Inzko said at this moment the Office of the High Representative was reviewing the decision.

Last update: Tue, 26/07/2016 - 13:35

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