FM: Serbia will warn European, world leaders about Croatia's behaviour

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said on Tuesday that Serbia did not wish to join the European Union if the condition was that it should be like Croatia, which he said "is rehabilitating fascism, Nazism and Ustashism," adding that Serbia would warn European and world leaders about Croatia's positions and policies and that it expected the EU to react.

Dacic was responding to Croatian Foreign Minister Miro Kovac's statement earlier on Tuesday that Serbia should turn to the future after its frequent protest notes to Croatia.

Dacic told the press that no response to the notes had arrived from Croatia and described Kovac's statement as a "hate treatise" on Serbia, Serbs and Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic. "We will warn all European and world officials about Croatia because that's a threat to regional stability."

He reiterated that Croatia was rehabilitating the Nazi-styled 1941-45 Independent State of Croatia (NDH) and the Ustasha ideology. "We won't interfere in internal matters, but we can't keep quiet about the NDH becoming legitimate, those who killed Serbs becoming heroes and the clergymen of the Ustasha movement saints," he said, calling on Croatia to reconsider its decisions.

"Kovac says that Croatia is the EU and that we are not. If the condition for being part of the EU is that we should be like Croatia, that we should be revisionists rehabilitating Nazism, fascism and Ustashism, then we won't join the EU," Dacic said.

The West and the EU are ignoring everything that is happening in Croatia, Dacic said. "Germany says Hitler was the biggest evil, yet Croatia is proud of the NDH," he said, adding that "the EU can't be deaf and dumb forever when it comes to Croatia."

As for the recent unveiling in Croatia of a monument to Miro Baresic, a Croatian emigrant convicted in the 1970s in Sweden for the murder of a Yugoslav ambassador, Dacic said "it's a disgrace for any democracy in any country in the world to erect monuments to terrorists."

He went on to say that the NDH had been "a Nazi entity which committed big crimes, first and foremost against Serbs."

He said Croatia had not responded to Serbia's queries about the Barisic monument or the quashing of the verdicts against Alozije Stepinac and Branimir Glavas, "or the answer has been that this is Greater Serbia aggression."

All that reflected a policy whereby Croatia wants to downplay the NDH crimes, Dacic said, adding that Croatian ministers "are photographed near Ustasha flags and the monument to a terrorist who killed an ambassador."

"Croats can be Ustashas, fascists, whatever they want, but Serbia won't allow the denial of crimes against Serbs and it is my duty to fight such a revisionist policy," he said.

Last update: Tue, 02/08/2016 - 19:56

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