Croat minority still without representative in Serbian parliament

Not even twelve years later has Serbia met key conditions of the Agreement on the Protection of Ethnic Minorities on representation in representative and state bodies which it signed with Croatia, Croat National Council president Slaven Bacic told Croatian media in Vojvodina on Tuesday.

"Six meetings of the Intergovernmental Commission, comprised of representatives of Croatian and Serbian state bodies as well as the Serb and Croat minorities, have been held but it is the position of the Croat community that Serbia has mostly failed to implement the recommendations from those meetings," Bacic said at a round table debate on the implementation of the bilateral agreement between Serbia and Croatia, organised by the Novi Sad-headquartered Centre for Regionalism.

A participant in the and president of the Democratic Alliance of Croats in Vojvodina, Tomislav Zigmanov, said the agreement "is on the margins of public interest, the political class and institutions which are supposed to implement it."

"The agreement was signed by two countries with different democratic achievements, with balance in Croatia's favour according to all criteria," Zigmanov said. 

According to him, unlike the Serbian government, the authorities in Vojvodina have proven to be "more rational and more ready" to approach the solving of the problem of the Croat community living in that northern Serbian province.

Croatian Ambassador to Serbia Gordan Markotic said Croatia would insist on a comprehensive implementation of the agreement, notably the part of the agreement binding Serbia to secure representation to the Croat minority in representative and state bodies.

Last update: Tue, 01/03/2016 - 20:27

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