Bosnian PM: Sejdic-Finci ruling to be implemented before awarding of EU candidate status

Bosnian Council of Ministers Chairman Denis Zvizdic welcomed on Tuesday a decision by the Council of the European Union to task the European Commission with preparing an opinion on Bosnia and Herzegovina's EU membership application, saying the European Court of Human Rights ruling in the Sejdic-Finci case would be implemented by the time Bosnia was given candidate status.

"That's the remaining obligation from a couple of years ago. We have neither forgotten nor ignored it. We are actively working and will certainly implement that ruling before being given candidate status," Zvizdic said in Brussels, where the Council of the EU earlier today gave the Commission the green light to prepare an avis on Bosnia's membership application.

The Council asked the Commission to pay particular attention to the implementation of the 2009 Sejdic-Finci ruling, which should enable members of minorities to run for the Bosnian Presidency and House of Peoples.

For a long time, the EU set the implementation of the ruling as one of the first requirements so that Bosnia could submit a credible membership application, but after many failed attempts, this difficult issue was left for a later stage of Bosnia's EU path.

The avis is a document in which the European Commission, at the request of the Council of the EU, assesses a country's fitness to begin negotiations on membership and assume the obligations which membership brings.

Last update: Tue, 20/09/2016 - 19:48

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