Bosnian FM: Milanovic has really stepped out of line this time

Bosnia and Herzegovina's Foreign Minister Igor Crnadak said on Thursday that Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic "has really stepped out of line" with his statements about the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, adding that someone contending to become Croatia's next prime minister should show more respect and tact when commenting on neighbouring countries.

"I believe that someone who is in the running for the Prime Minister of Croatia and has already been in that position should show a lot more respect and tact when speaking about neighbouring countries and relations in the region. Milanovic has insulted Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and Serbs as a nation," the Fena news agency cited Crnadak.

Crnadak added that Milanovic's rhetoric was beginning to resemble that of Milorad Dodik in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He said that Bosnia and Herzegovina's Council of Ministers hoped to build the best possible relations with Croatia, however, Milanovic's statements now raised the question of whether that was possible.

"If Croatia's official stance will be like Milanovic's, that will be very hard to achieve," Crnadak said.

Milanovic made the statements at a meeting with representatives of war veterans' associations that had protested outside the veterans' ministry for more than a year during the term of his government.

According to a transcript of the meeting that was leaked to the media, Milanovic said "Bosnia and Herzegovina is not a state" and there was no-one there for him to talk to. He also said that if someone were to ask him, he would push Bosnia and Herzegovina to jump the queue into the European Union because "there is no order there."

Crnadak believes that jumping the queue would not benefit Bosnia and Herzegovina because in that case the country would join the Union before it managed to achieve European standards in the economic, social, legal and every other aspect.

Last update: Thu, 25/08/2016 - 16:54

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