Bosnian court sentences man for setting fire to state presidency building

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Monday delivered the first sentence against persons charged with setting the state Presidency's offices on fire in mass protests in the country in February 2014.

Almost two years after the protests, the state court sentenced Nihad Trnka to one year in prison for causing a fire in the Presidency building by throwing a bottle with incendiary content through a smashed window.

Trnka had pleaded guilty to the charges and promised to cooperate in the investigation into the incidents, which was one of the reasons for the relatively lenient punishment.

The 2014 riots were ignited by protests of workers of several folded companies in Tuzla.

They were then joined by thousands of disgruntled citizens throughout the country's Federation entity and the initially peaceful protests soon turned into violent riots, with protesters setting fire and demolishing cantonal government offices in Tuzla, Bihac, Zenica and Sarajevo.

Some of the valuable materials in the State Archive of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo was destroyed in the fire.

The protests resulted in the resignation of four cantonal governments.

After an investigation of almost two years, the prosecutorial authorities have not identified anyone who could be considered to have masterminded the riots.

Last update: Mon, 28/12/2015 - 13:29

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